In addition our IT support Services are tailored for each business and their needs.  This means the critical factors of our support plans which are response times and cost are designed for our client needs.  The cost factor not only encompasses typical service costs but also hardware costs, non-business hour costs, emergency costs and the fact that our service includes value added services at no additional cost.

At INTAC Solutions Inc., we recognize that there are many solutions to a particular problem.  What makes us different from other IT shops is that we recommend solutions that not only solve your current problem, but also account for future growth.  Most of the time Potential clients are surprised to find our solutions are priced well within their budget.  This is due to our partnerships with many hardware and software vendors.

Bottom LINE

Essentially we strive to make technology work effectively and efficiently so you can concentrate on your business.


INTAC Solutions Inc., focuses on determining the optimal infrastructure design to meet your business requirements.  This service leverages industry best practices to validate and improve the network environment to ensure a robust, efficient and reliable infrastructure.  During this consulting engagement, INTAC Solutions Inc, network consulting will meet with you to understand your business environment and needs.


Based on your specific needs and your industry experience we will be able to provide you with an unbiased best practice architecture design with supporting documentation that justifies the costs of operating a business critical network infrastructure.

Network Solutions – Implementation

Our Network Implementation services are customized for each client.  Depending on work scope and content, the engagement may include some or all of the following activities:

Deploying a high speed backbone networks

Integrating network management platforms

Develop IT strategies to ensure the network meets existing and future needs

Building network operations and management centers

Implementing remote access technology

Implementing Quality of service for next generation converged networks

Reconfiguring and upgrading network elements systems and facilities.

Testing, certifying and documenting the network.


Our network Performance Improvement service helps customers engineer and optimize their networks to ensure reliable performance for business critical applications by end users.  By providing an accurate assessment of your network infrastructure we can help you make informed decisions about technology investment and architectural changes.

By optimizing the existing infrastructure we assist our customers in maximizing the performance of new and existing applications, as well as increasing the predictability of future application initiatives.  These services help reduce the risks associated with deploying new business applications.


Networks are growing more and more complex.  New users, additional locations and the never ending demand for higher performance and new services are making network systems management more difficult and more critical- to the success of the business.

Organizations need a holistic operations solution, one that not only addresses technology but also the integration of technology with people and business processes.

INTAC Solutions Inc., network Upgrade services allows you to prepare for the future quickly and effortlessly.